Terra Universal is a manufacturer and supplier of a broad selection of healthcare, hospitals, and ICU doors. Beneficially, Terra's onshore manufacturing facilities offer a wide and deep inventory for various medical and surgical door styles.

Healthcare, Hospital, & ICU Doors

Are Lackluster Door Designs A Primary Driver of Containment and Isolation Failures?

It is estimated that the combined effect of opening, passing through, and closing a door in a medical or hospital environment may stimulate containment failures in isolation and containment rooms. Air change rates, filtration, and ventilation have received great focus in hospitals and healthcare environments over the past decades. Virtually all healthcare and clinic environments have undergone a broad spectrum of changes to level the playing field against new, novel, and highly transmissible airborne pathogens that quickly travel across the globe.

Until recently, hospitals and healthcare facilities may have underestimated one of its most potent allies against the transmission of airborne viruses: doors.

Hospital Door Requirements

The archetypal hospital environment requires a minimum air change rate of 6 - 12 air changes per hour (ACH). Doors that leak excessively make room pressure and air change rates harder to manage while also increasing the cost of heating and cooling the additional makeup air to overcome leaks. Besides leakage, numerous factors can affect hospital and surgical door effectiveness including material construction, hygienic properties, opening motion, and the ease of opening or closing the door while under pressure.

Terra Universal Hospital Doors and Health Care Door Systems

Terra Universal's Healthcare and Hospital Door Technology offers the same field-proven door designs used by thousands of Terra customers in high-performance controlled environments across the globe. Particular emphasis is placed on the door opening mechanism to encourage reliable air exchange and optimal airflow characteristics - both are critical considerations to curb and mitigate the spread of airborne pathogens to adjacent spaces.

Terra healthcare doors provide widely customizable accessories for controlled access, hands-free door operation, interlock systems, and easy integration or retrofitting with industry-standard door systems.

Hospital Doors Designed to Minimize Air Leakage

Terra door systems are designed to minimize air leakage in pressure-controlled rooms. Terra’s swing doors include a fully concealed drop-down gasket that seals the bottom gap when the door closes, ensuring the door holds room pressure.

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Uncompromising BioSafe Medical Door Design

Terra's BioSafe Doors offer uncompromising sterile-grade stainless steel door construction, seamless welds, and crevice-free flush double pane windows for easy cleaning and wipe down.

Endless Configurations, Add-ons, and Accessories

Door swing irection guide diagram for pre hung doors

Terra's hospital and surgical entry doors are available in automatic, sliding, or swing styles. Terra manufactures numerous door styles for patient care, waiting rooms, procedural rooms, triage, and pharmacies in standard swinging, sliding, and automatic designs. Additionally, Terra manufactures positive and negative pressure isolation designs for pressure-controlled surgical rooms, aseptic environments, or cascading pressure suites. Terra's cleanroom doors are leak tested and leak-rated by UL for a tight seal to maintain cleanroom pressure gradients

Hands-Free Automatic Swinging Healthcare Doors

Terra's Automatic Swinging Healthcare Doors provide a hands-free healthcare entry door system that meets the most stringent USP, CGMP, CDC, and FDA door standards. Terra door systems are designed with cleanroom-grade materials that promote cleanliness, hygiene, and easy installation in healthcare or medical environments.

Automatic Sliding Hospital Doors

Automatic sliding and swing doors reduce operator exposure to frequently contaminated surfaces such as doorknobs, push plates, and entry handles. Hands-free automatic doors are correspondingly beneficial in areas that require the frequent passage of wheel and cart traffic, especially when clean items like medication, linens, and sterile pre-packaged single-use items must pass through the same entryway door as dirty linens, trash, or waste.

Advantages of Sliding Hospital Door Designs

As shown by trace gas analysis, negative pressure rooms with sliding doors may demonstrate better isolation control characteristics than those with swing door designs. Sliding doors generate less turbulence, thus air is less likely to mix between controlled and non-controlled areas that share a door. This factor is especially important in pressurized environments where airborne transmission is of concern.

Terra's automatic entry door systems provide an ADA-compliant, hands-free operation with UL-Listed components for code-compliant integration within new or existing facilities.

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