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Cleanroom Gowning Bench Features & Style Comparison

Manufacturers and research organizations spend considerable sums of money to ensure their cleanrooms adhere to critical cleanliness standards – disinfection procedures are optimized, quality controls are implemented and regular particle counts and microbial tests are performed to identify the smallest pockets of contamination. With many safeguards in place to limit contamination, including interlocking doors, pressure gradients, and air showers, the most common source of particles, whether viable or non-viable, stems from the cleanroom staff. The first line of defense in preventing human-borne particles from entering into a cleanroom is the gowning area.

Cleanroom Garbing Procedures

Proper cleanroom garments, as well as streamlined garbing procedures, help contain particles that people emit from migrating past the gowning space into the cleanroom. A complete set of coveralls, booties, masks, gloves and bouffants will limit the potential vulnerabilities of staff-borne contamination, but improper procedures and equipment can quickly invalidate the company’s significant investment in maintaining cleanroom cleanliness, resulting in product failures, widespread cross-contamination and production shutdowns.

Cleanroom Gowning Bench Quality Controls

Even if suitable cleanroom garments are used, a coverall, boot or glove can be easily contaminated through contact with a dirty surface. A violated garment doesn’t set off alarms and few facilities implement quality control measures to supervise each staff member during the washing and dressing process. Once the garment is unwittingly spoiled, it spreads particles everywhere it goes. The simplest and most economical approach to this dilemma is a correctly designed gowning area, complete with ISO-rated change room equipment, that keeps personnel on a clean track.

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Cleanroom Gowning Bench Placement and Airflow

While a correctly configured gowning room involves many products, one critical piece of equipment is the gowning bench, both in design and placement. A cleanroom gowning bench must be designed to eliminate cracks and crevices that harbor dust particles, contaminants and microbial growth. Another essential factor in bench design is ease of cleaning; smooth surfaces and rounded edges allow for effective disinfection to ensure that any stray particles adhering to the bench frame are removed. For critical applications (ISO 5 and cleaner environments), a gowning bench must feature an open design that promotes consistent air circulation and laminarity, as particles tend to amass in dead air spaces. Another important consideration is bench location; a properly placed bench helps demarcate clean and dirty zones within the gowning and de-gowning areas.

Terra BioSafe® Stainless Steel Cleanroom Gowning Benches

Terra’s in-stock BioSafe cleanroom gowning benches are designed for the most critical applications in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, aerospace, medical device, and healthcare industries. The benches feature a crevice-free design that reduces cleanroom bio-burden, rod-top frames to support laminar air circulation and rounded corners for easy wipe-downs.

Fabricated with 304-grade or 316-grade stainless steel, Terra’s benches resist common biocides, alcohol-based cleaners, and hospital-grade disinfectants. Freestanding, floor-mounted and wall-attached models are available in a variety of bench surfaces: solid flat top, perforated flat top or tubular rod top. Optional under-bench bootie racks offer convenient storage of shoe covers, boots, garments, and gloves.

Specialty models, including step-over benches, extra-large designs, lean rails, and curved benches are available upon request.

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A - ISO Rating
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ISO 14644-1 is a widely recognized international standard that specifies the classification of air cleanliness in cleanrooms and controlled environments. The standard provides guidance for assessing and controlling the levels of airborne particulates in these environments, which are crucial to industries such as pharmaceuticals, health care, microelectronics, biotechnology and aerospace.

The standard defines cleanrooms as enclosed spaces where the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to meet specific cleanliness requirements. ISO 14644-1 establishes the maximum allowable particle concentration per square meter of air space. The standard also defines the size range of particles considered within the classification, typically diameters of 0.1 micrometers and larger.

In addition to the classification system, ISO 14644-1 provides guidance on monitoring and validating cleanroom conditions, establishing procedures for testing and evaluating air cleanliness, and ensuring ongoing compliance with the specified cleanliness levels.

Terra’s products are designed to comply with the below ISO 14644-1 classifications.

A1 - ISO 4

The maximum allowable concentration in an ISO class 4 environment is 10,000 particles (greater than 0.1 micrometers in diameter) per cubic meter. ISO class 4 cleanrooms, or enclosures, must maintain an average airflow velocity of 50 – 90 feet per minute and an average air change rate of 300 – 540 changes per hour.

A2 - ISO 5

The maximum allowable concentration in an ISO class 5 environment is 100,000 particles (greater than 0.1 micrometers in diameter) per cubic meter. ISO class 5 cleanrooms, or enclosures, must maintain an average airflow velocity of 40 – 80 feet per minute and an average air change rate of 240 – 480 changes per hour.

A3 - ISO 6

The maximum allowable concentration in an ISO class 6 environment is 1,000,000 particles (greater than 0.1 micrometers in diameter) per cubic meter. ISO class 6 cleanrooms, or enclosures, must maintain an average airflow velocity of 25 – 40 feet per minute and an average air change rate of 150 – 240 changes per hour.

A4 - ISO 7

The maximum allowable concentration in an ISO class 7 environment is 352,000 particles (greater than 0.5 micrometers in diameter) per cubic meter. ISO class 7 cleanrooms, or enclosures, must maintain an average airflow velocity of 10 – 15 feet per minute and an average air change rate of 60 – 90 changes per hour.

A5 - ISO 8

The maximum allowable concentration in an ISO class 8 environment is 3,520,000 particles (greater than 0.5 micrometers in diameter) per cubic meter. ISO class 8 cleanrooms, or enclosures, must maintain an average airflow velocity of 1 – 8 feet per minute and an average air change rate of 5 – 48 changes per hour.

B - Cleanroom Gowning Bench Styles & Format
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B1 - Cleanroom Bench

Terra manufactures heavy-duty, durable, stainless steel gowning benches designed to comply with strict ISO cleanliness requirements. Pre-assembled for quick installation, Terra’s benches withstand the rigors of daily, high-throughput garbing operations. Designed to support seated staff members during gowning and de-gowning procedures, Terra’s benches are made from long-lasting, high-caliber hardware, pre-tested to guarantee the highest quality, durability and craftsmanship. Choose from wall-mounted, floor-mounted or freestanding configurations featuring solid-top, rod-top or perforated-top designs.

B2 - Cleanroom Gowning Bench Rails

As opposed to gowning benches, which support seated employees during gowning procedures, Terra’s ergonomic, cleanroom-compliant Lean Rail supports half-seated or standing employees while donning or removing garments. Designed to minimize shift-change congestion in busy gowning areas, Terra’s Lean Rail is easy-to-clean, ESD-safe, durable and resists common cleaners and disinfectants. Select from single-sided or double-sided models, or combine with Terra’s Gowning Platform, which features a clearly demarcated boundary between clean and dirty zones.

C - Cleanroom Gowning Bench Configuration
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C1 - Floor-Mounted Cleanroom Gowning Bench

Terra’s cleanroom-compliant, floor-mounted gowning benches feature cylindrical posts with 7”-diameter, stainless steel mounting plates for fixed installation. Floor-mounted, rounded plate covers create stability and guard against dust particle aggregation. Floor-mounted designs prevent personnel from shifting bench locations and scratching cleanroom floors. Ideal for locations requiring seismic compliance, all floor-mount models include 2 mounting plates each with 4 x 0.25”-diameter holes on 6” centers.

  1. BioSafe® Floor-Mount Gowning Benches
  2. Cleanroom Lean Rails

C2 - Freestanding Cleanroom Gowning Bench

Terra’s freestanding gowning benches are stable, durable, capable of handling the rigors of busy gowning operations, cleanroom compliant and resistant to hospital-grade disinfectants. Ideal for companies with scalable, single-use and constantly changing operations, Terra’s freestanding benches include non-marking and chemical-resistant nylon leveling feet to protect the cleanroom floors from scratches or abrasions. Choose from models composed of 304-grade or 316-grade stainless steel in a wide variety of industry-standard sizes.

C3 - Wall-Mounted Cleanroom Gowning Bench

Ideal for crowded gowning rooms with limited floor space, Terra’s cleanroom-compliant, wall-mounted gowning bench features stainless steel brackets for easy installation onto stick-built or modular wall panels. The bench includes an easy-to-clean cylindrical base for optional floor mounting and a solid, smooth stainless steel surface for user comfort.

D - Cleanroom Gowning Bench Top Design
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D1 - Solid Top Cleanroom Gowning Bench

Terra’s solid-top gowning benches are composed of 304-grade or 316-grade stainless steel to adhere with aseptic requirements and critical cleanliness operations. The solid top includes bullnose, rounded edges to increase operator comfort and reduce particle shedding caused by sharp or abrasive edges. The smooth, continuous-seam welds eliminate cracks and crevices that harbor contaminants and microbial colonization. Choose from dual-level, step-over benches or single-level, traditional models.

D2 - Rod Top Cleanroom Gowning Benches

Ideal for ISO 5 and cleaner environments or cGMP operations, Terra’s rod top gowning benches are fabricated of 0.5”-diameter stainless steel tubes on 1” centers. Rod-top benches offer a contemporary aesthetic combined with a reduced surface area to promote cleanroom laminar flow and reduce particle build-up. The thick-gauge, rod-top surface is optimal for applications requiring frequent wash-downs, including food processing, beverage bottling, and pharmaceutical packaging facilities.

D3 - Perforated Top Cleanroom Gowning Bench

Terra’s perforated-top benches include 0.75” diamater holes to allow free passage of vertical airflow and reduce particle retention for ISO 7 and cleaner environments. Optional under-bench bootie racks feature easy-to-clean compartments for the storage of shoe covers, boots, garments, and masks.

D4 - Recessed Slat Cleanroom Gowning Bench

Terra’s gowning bench with recessed base slats promotes uniform laminar flow and prevents particle aggregation. Rounded corners allow for easy cleaning and spray-downs, while chemical-resistant, adjustable nylon feet provide solid leveling and support.

E - Cleanroom Gowning Bench Frame Design
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E1 - Cylindrical Base Cleanroom Bench

Certain Terra gowning benches include welded cylindrical bases for easy wipe-downs and unmatched stability. Rounded corners and continuous-seam welds eliminate cracks and crevices where microbes colonize. Fabricated of 304-grade stainless steel, the cylindrical bases are rugged, durable, and resist hospital-grade disinfectants.

E2 - Cylindrical Tube Frame Cleanroom Bench

Terra’s cylinder-tube gowning benches are fabricated of 1.5” diameter stainless steel tube frames and legs for durability and operator comfort. The tube frame promotes cleanroom laminar flow and minimizes particle aggregation. Rounded corners and continuous-seam welds eliminate gaps that harbor microbes and promote easy wipe-downs.

E3 - Square Tube Frame Cleanroom Bench

Terra’s rigid square-tube gowning bench frames maximize weight capacity, limit particle aggregation and withstand the rigors of high-throughput gowning operations. The 304-grade stainless steel frame resists common biocides and includes rounded edges for user comfort and easy wash-downs.

E4 - Integrated Bootie Rack Cleanroom Bench

Terra’s cleanroom gowning benches with integrated bootie racks provide convenient storage of shoe covers, boots, coveralls, frocks, bouffants, masks, and gloves. Perforated or solid-top under-bench bootie racks are fabricated of durable, chemical-resistant 304-grade stainless steel.

F - Cleanroom Gowning Bench Material
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F1 - 304-Grade Stainless Steel Cleanroom Gowning Benches

304-grade stainless steel is rigid, durable, smooth, and resistant to corrosion, chemicals, oxidation, and rust.

F2 - 316-Grade Stainless Steel Cleanroom Gowning Benches

316-grade stainless steel contains the same corrosion-resistant materials as 304-grade, but includes the added benefit of lower carbon content, making the material less prone to metallic contamination and cracking. More resistant to large temperature fluctuations and harsher environmental conditions, 316-grade stainless steel is commonly used in applications such as marine engineering, brewing facilities, environmental testing, field research, and food processing.

J - Opening Height
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Terra and Dortek manufacture cleanroom doors to standard 81” tall designs and application-specific doors from 74” to 120” in height (for transport of bulky equipment). Terra’s in-house engineering team works with customers daily to design customized products to specific user requirements.

J1 - Step-Over Bench Cleanroom Gowning Bench

Terra’s dual-level, step-over benches are an ergonomic alternative to conventional single-level gowning benches. Pre-assembled step-over benches feature a seat at an 18” height and a footrest at a 10” height for easy, convenient donning and removal of shoe covers, booties, and coveralls. All dual-level cleanroom gowning benches include attachment points on the seat and footrest to link multiple units together.

J2 - Curved Benches

Terra’s curved modular benches include interconnecting straight and curved pieces to create systems with clear, demarcated clean, and dirty zones. Horseshoe and oval-shaped designs are common for facilities with busy gowning areas.

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