Terra provides five unique cleanroom construction solutions including pre-fabricated, stick-built, hybrid, modular, and custom-built. Each system has inherent benefits and advantages depending on the size, complexity, and cleanliness requirements of the build. Terra specialists will work with you to determine which system meets your needs for your specific budget, floor plan, cleanliness, or room-to-room requirements.

ISO 8 Hardwall Cleanroom Solutions

Hardwall and softwall cleanroom enclosures can both achieve ISO 8 cleanroom classifications or better, but each style has its own distinct characteristics and advantages based on the specific facility and application. Hardwall systems offer a freestanding, rigid structure with solid panel walls, whereas softwall systems provide plastic curtain strip side panels that offer flexibility, simplicity, and optional casters for mobility. 

ISO 8 Modular Hardwall Cleanroom enclosures include all-steel frames and ceiling grids that form a self-supporting structure without the need for external bracing. Hardwall cleanrooms are common for ISO 8 configurations, as they are easy to install and configure with additional fan filter units for cleanliness ratings down to ISO 5. Modular cleanrooms can accommodate most builds in terms of size, scope, and complexity, but do have limitations in terms of max ceiling heights and wall-to-wall spans. 

When you purchase a Terra cleanroom, modular panels are pre-engineered and factory-integrated with cutouts for in-wall components and accessories including pass-throughs, air showers, windows, doors, duplex outlets, and MEP feed-throughs. 

ISO Prefab Cleanrooms & Hybrid Designs

ValuLine™ Pre-Fabricated Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms reduce costs with simple on-off power supply units and do not include the top trim or power status indicators that are standard on modular and custom systems.

Hybrid Modular Biosafe® Cleanrooms combine modular design principles with precision-cut prefabricated wall panels. Terra's hybrid construction offers the ease of modular installation and assembly without sacrificing design freedom. Hybrid solutions are not limited by overhead clearance, size, shape, or pathways within the site.

Terra’s BioSafe Modular All-Steel Cleanrooms meet BSL-1 and BSL-2 requirements for work with infectious agents. BSL-rated cleanrooms are designed to protect the staff, and the outside environment, from exposure to harmful agents while protecting the microbial samples from cross-contamination. Wall sections are interlocked end-to-end to form a continuous interior surface with very fine seams that are caulked to form a complete seal. Wall panels are fitted with flush-mounted windows, entry and exit doors, and pass-through chambers.

ISO 8 Custom Cleanrooms & Stick-Built Construction

Image Link: https://www.terrauniversal.com/media/asset-library/cache/original/watermark_e/1/L/C/LCS-Stickbuilt-CR-space.jpg

Custom Hardwall Systems may include a full suite of pre-integrated connections including electrical outlets, air lines, water lines, and any other type of connection type that would otherwise require sawing and cutting during the installation process. For real-time monitoring of environmental conditions, Terra provides several add-on packages for monitoring and recording temperature, humidity, particle counts, or static levels. 

Energy-efficient filter fan units, LED lighting, and night mode settings are available for reducing operating costs and supporting your energy efficiency goals.

Stick-built cleanrooms offer the ultimate flexibility for new facility build-outs or retrofits of existing spaces. Traditional frame-wall builds are not limited by shape, size, or overhead clearance within your on-site building.

Compare Custom & Specialty Cleanroom Systems

Hardwall Cleanroom Conversion Kits

Pictured below, you'll see a Terra hardwall cleanroom installation that can upgrade any existing office or single-wall space into a cleanroom-rated environment. The enclosure is custom-designed for integration into the preexisting structure, which can provide an essential alternative for facilities that are restricted by budget, overhead clearance, or available space. HEPA air flow is delivered via ceiling-mounted fan filter units. 

Above: Custom hardwall partitions (3 sides) affixed to a single-sided wall structure in the existing facility. with a custom cleanroom enclosure 

ISO 8 Hardwall Cleanroom Panels

Your choice of hardwall panel material is largely based on the specific needs of the facility, which is why Terra offers several options for standard hardwall models:

  • Acrylic cleanroom panels are lightweight and economical but not suited for use with alcohol or strong cleaning agents.
  • Static-Dissipative PVC cleanroom panels prevent static charges, with dissipative layers embedded for longevity (Surface resistivity: 10^7 ohms/sq.).
  • Polycarbonate resists many common acids and solvents; it's strong and shatter-resistant.
  • Polypropylene cleanroom panels provide excellent resistance to harsh chemicals, with an opaque white appearance for privacy.
  • Tempered Glass cleanroom panels combine clarity with chemical resistance and non-porous surfaces for easy sterilization.
  • FRP/CPVC Panels: After attaching a suitable substrate to Terra’s powder-coated steel frame, FRP panels adhere to the substrate and a sealant is applied to the seams. Exterior paneling can be installed to match the rest of the facility.
  • Insulated Hardwall Cleanrooms: Double-wall, insulated structure reduces cleanroom heating and cooling expenses. Enhances humidity and temperature stability in environmentally critical processes

ISO 8 Hardwall Cleanroom Window Styles

In addition to your choice of panel material selection, you'll also need to consider what types of window styles and window materials will be most appropriate for your budget and cleanliness needs:

Terra manufactures its cleanroom windows to suit any size or wall thickness for both traditional built and modular wall systems. Terra can also manufacture windows up to 50 square feet to serve as cleanroom viewing panels. Viewing panels are ideal where full floor-to-ceiling viewing sections are preferred.

Windows for cleanrooms include a variety of glazing options specific to your facility's requirements. Common options include:

  • Fire-rated cleanroom windows tested to UL standards
  • Switch glass (smart glass) windows
  • Glass with integral blinds
  • Static-dissipative PVC panels for strict ESD-safe cleanroom environments
  • Polycarbonate panels for impact resistance

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