Terra Universal provides a wide selection of hygienic windows that can accommodate virtually any hospital, pharmacy, medical office, or surgical window requirement.

Terra's BioSafe windows feature crevice-less stainless steel or powder-coated steel frames that forgo cracks and gaps where microbes tend to colonize. Biosafe windows are specifically designed to make it difficult for bacteria or microbes to proliferate, while also making cleaning, wipe down, and disinfection much more manageable.

Terra's ValuLine window design (polypropylene frame) offers an economical alternative without compromising cleanroom conditions. Enter your desired window width, height, and wall thickness to instantly calculate pricing and custom specifications.

Terra offers many custom and pre-configured window styles that include impact-resistant safety windows, fire-rated window designs, and switch glass privacy windows. Contact a Terra specialist to discuss your facility's needs and guarantee that your window selection is fully compliant with any state, local, or industry guidelines.

Impact, Fire-Rated, and Tempered Glass Windows for Healthcare and Hospitals

Terra windows are available with various viewing panel materials to support any safety or compliance requirements.

Frameless Tempered Glass Medical Windows

Frameless windows include 0.25” thick tempered glass viewing panels. Tempered glass is disinfectant-resistant, long-lasting, and provides high visual clarity. Tempered windows are ideal for common areas and overhead window installations. If the window were to shatter, tempered glass ensures that the window breaks apart into very small, but dull glass pieces that are less likely to harm nearby occupants.

Medical-Grade Impact Windows

Impact-rated safety windows are wired glass 1/4 inch thick with a surface-applied fire-rated laminate and held in place with non-contaminating silicone caulk.

Flush Double-Pane Windows

Terra double-pane medical windows are configurable with window materials including SDPVC, polycarbonate, tempered glass, and fire-rated glass on a 316L SS steel frame.

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BioSafe Window Designs for Surgical and Aseptic Environments

Surgical and procedural rooms typically require seamless, flush-mounted designs that are easy to wipe and clean. These windows are constructed free of edges, seams, and crevices that would otherwise harbor microbes and make the cleaning process more difficult.

The selection of an appropriate window design for surgical or procedural rooms must consider hygienic construction that cleans easily, while also providing compatibility for involved chemical cleaners, disinfectants, and sanitizers.

Terra's BioSafe Windows are the quintessential choice for aseptic workflows, ICUs, and surgical rooms. Biosafe windows are designed to support any critical environment in both positive and negative pressure applications. The easy-install window design and clean-forward construction make these cleanroom windows suitable for nearly any hospital or surgical suite.

BioSafe® Switch Glass Windows

BioSafe Switch Glass Medical Windows toggle between clear viewing and opaque via a wired switch or Wi-Fi remote control. The design is ideal for patient privacy in medical facilities or clinical labs.

BioSafe® Framed vs Frameless Windows

Select frameless BioSafe® models for glass that sits perfectly flush with the wall surface. Framed models offer a smooth stainless steel lip that fits tightly against the wall.

Single Pane BioSafe® Windows

Single pane BioSafe® cleanroom windows feature a seamless stainless steel ledge on the opposite side of the glass pane for easy sanitation.

Double Flush, Double Biosafe Hospital, and Surgical Windows

Terra's double-pane, double-flush windows have no ledges or sills to clean on either side, which makes them ideal for installation between two clean rooms that share a wall. Double pane windows feature two 0.5” window panes, thus improving the temperature insulating properties. These windows are ideal choices wherever contamination control is mission-critical, such as windows for intensive care units (ICU), surgical suites, burn units, or other areas occupied by immunocompromised patients.

BioSafe® Fire-Rated Windows

Terra’s BioSafe® fire-rated cleanroom windows feature 3/16” thick tempered glass panels that achieve UL 9 and NFPA 80 (National Fire Rating Association) criteria for a 20-minute rating.

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Try Terra's Custom Window Calculator

Terra works with customers in many different industries and offers a wide selection of custom configurations and pre-engineered window models that are available with accelerated lead times.

Terra's online custom window configurator quickly generates built-to-order custom windows that allow any window thickness, frame style, or material construction. Because Terra's medical windows are manufactured in-house, Terra can deliver virtually any custom window arrangement for cleanroom, hospital, healthcare, or surgical room requirements. Contact a Terra sales specialist to discuss your critical dimensions and wall thickness requirements.

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