Terra Indoor HEPA Filter Solutions for Wildfire Smoke and Soot

In recent decades, the compounding impacts of wildfires have accelerated the demand for accessible and effective air filtration solutions. The market offers many indoor HEPA filtration systems for home and retail, but far fewer options for larger-scale commercial and industrial environments. Certain types of facilities require much greater filtration capacity due to a constant transfer of indoor-outdoor air. For example, service and production facilities that have connected warehouses, loading docks, and automatic entry/exit systems are often inundated with an ingress of outdoor air, which will also transfer heavy smoke and soot pollution to indoor spaces.

Terra Universal offers several mobile, portable, and standalone HEPA filtration solutions for large-scale air quality control. While these solutions primarily cater to commercial needs, even retail customers can benefit from their exceptional performance and advanced filtration capabilities in their homes, businesses, offices, and workshops.

Understanding HEPA Filtration for Wildfire Smoke & Soot

Worldwide health impacts underscore the increasing frequency, intensity, and duration of wildfire seasons. With the rise of "megafires" and the nationwide impacts of smoke and soot pollution, it is crucial to invest in filtration systems that deliver a high degree of particle capture results at the appropriate scale.

Smoke and soot particles pose significant risks to human health, particularly among those with respiratory conditions and weakened immune systems. Soot is overly problematic due to its small diameter and low-mass particle characteristics. that can traverse long distances in the air and readily stick to porous and non-porous surfaces. Smoke and soot particles can easily deposit and embed into furniture, fabric, carpets, and clothing.

Soot deposits are difficult to remove through typical cleaning methods, yet are easily reintroduced back into the air when disturbed or agitated. Further, vacuum cleaners that lack the appropriate HEPA/ULPA capture systems may in fact be one of the dirtiest activities carried out in particulate-laden environments, as the process tends to disturb, dislodge, and disperse fine particles. Resuspended particles contribute to further deterioration of air quality for extended periods of time, and may not settle for many hours after cleaning. Therefore, the most effective method of reducing soot and smoke pollution in indoor spaces is to extract and remove contamination before it can be inhaled or settled to surfaces.

Overcoming Small-Impact Toils of Retail HEPA Filters

Terra Universal's HEPA fan filter units offer a high-capacity solution that can combat indoor pollutants on a larger scale than typical home-rated HEPA filter systems.

Home and retail HEPA filters often fall short when it comes to addressing the unique challenges posed by smoke and soot pollution in high-traffic facilities. Small format filtration systems with little or no flow rate control struggle to achieve the air change rates necessary to handle room filtration beyond 500 - 1000 sq. ft (even at standard ceiling heights). Particle saturation eventually leads to filter blockage and increased back pressure. In turn, fan blowers must increase speed and draw more energy to overcome pressure drops. If variable HEPA fan speed control is not available, frequent filter replacement is the only other option to restore the expected filtration rate.

Contrasting High-Performance HEPA Filter Systems for Large Floorplan Environments

The biggest difference between standard home and retail-based HEPA filtration systems and those manufactured by Terra Universal is that Terra builds its fan filter units and HEPA/ULPA systems with high-performance, particle-controlled environments in mind.

  • Medical-grade filter media for ultra-clean, safe air
  • Brushless, electrically commutated motors producing up to 800+ CFM
  • Optional built-in network cards for desktop and IBMS integration (MODBUS)
  • Factory leak test filters in accordance with IEST standards and UL-listings
  • Built for long-term filtration on 24/7 hour operation cycles

Typical Applications and Solutions for Commercial Portable HEPA Filtration

Terra Universal offers a range of HEPA filtration solutions, each designed to meet specific requirements:

WhisperFlow® Portable HEPA Filtration System: With its high-capacity HEPA filters, this system provides exceptional air purification for spaces exposed to heavy pollution. With a CADR of 800 CFM, the system efficiently replaces the air in a room of up to 1,000 sqft x 9 ft high five times per hour, which is 2x-5x more air handling capacity than typical home and retail HEPA filter units.

Portable Horizontal Flow Fan Filter Module: This versatile system provides efficient air filtration for spaces over 1,500 square feet. Its horizontal airflow design ensures uniform filtration across the entire area, effectively capturing smoke and soot particles.

Compact size and portability make it ideal for flexible deployment. The FFU features high-efficiency components with HEPA filters, AC 3-speed blower motors, and FDA-approved silicone sealant. Optional accessories include challenge ports for filter testing, ducted inlet connection adapters, and filter replacement alarms.

Smart® EC Fan Filter Unit With Integrated UPS Battery System offers a handy and convenient HEPA backup system, ensuring uninterrupted operation when the utility power supply is unavailable. Depending on the FFU speed setting, the battery system provides an approximate runtime of 1-2 hours.

Terra's Smart HEPA Filters are equipped with an EC (Electronically Commutated) motor that delivers high performance while consuming low energy and generating minimal noise levels (40 dB). This combination of efficient and quiet operation is ideal for various applications that require contamination protection during unexpected power outages or mobile transport.

  • Smart FFU with integrated UPS battery system arrives fully assembled, ready for use
  • Handy and convenient Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides power when and where you need it
  • Battery system provides approximately 1-2 hr runtime depending on FFU speed setting
  • EC motor offers high performance, low energy consumption, and low noise levels (40 dB)
  • Suitable for mobile transport or applications that require protection from unexpected power outages
  • UPS allows for "hot-swapping" of the external battery, enabling safe removal or swapping without shutting down the UPS, ensuring continuous operation.

Whisperflow HEPA Filters with UVC: This solution combines HEPA filtration with UVC technology, providing an added layer of protection against airborne pathogens. These systems are ideal for government, healthcare, EDU, and medical applications including clinics, waiting rooms, hospital emergency rooms, schools, courthouses, and other confined areas without access to open windows for outdoor air circulation.

Terra Universal HEPA filtration solutions offer effective air quality control in many unique settings:

  • Industrial manufacturing facilities with high volume air handling needs: improve air quality in areas that surround large doors for vehicles and loading docks.
  • High-traffic offices, educational institutions, and workspaces that share walls with indoor and outdoor spaces for improved air quality without required costly and difficult upgrades to existing HVAC systems
  • Businesses operating in open garages, such as automotive repair shops or auto body facilities, can mitigate the entry of airborne particles and maintain a cleaner workspace.
  • Indoor/outdoor bars and restaurants facing smoke infiltration from frequent door openings or establishments with year-round screened-in dining can greatly benefit from these solutions.
  • Ranger stations, fire stations, and equipment garages in parks and recreational areas can also take advantage of Terra Universal's HEPA filtration systems to ensure clean air for personnel and sensitive equipment.