Softwall cleanroom systems are an economical solution for controlling airborne particulates in addition to fume and aerosol management, ESD static control, or explosion-proof compliance. Designed with structural integrity in mind, Terra's frames accommodate multiple fan filter units without structural compromise. When integrated with mobile casters, these systems maximize versatility by permitting easy relocation.

Terra's prefabricated softwall cleanrooms are common for ISO 8 / ISO 7 cleanroom applications that moderate particulate control. Terra softwall rooms are rated for air quality classifications as low as ISO 6, however, efficiency trade-offs arise due to air leakage beneath the curtains. The trade off being, that any increase air leakage must be counteracted with additional make up air, which incurs additional operating costs to maintain positive pressure.

Softwall Cleanroom Advantages

In the field, Terra's HEPA softwall cleanrooms are tested and certified to ISO 6, ISO 7, and ISO 8 requirements. In theory, these systems can achieve much cleaner ISO 4 / ISO 5 particulate ratings in small-format, small-footprint applications that would not require operator occupancy.

Common ISO 8 softwall cleanroom applications include:

  • Medical device packaging
  • Instrument cleaning, repair, testing
  • Packaging, filling, and assembly
  • Low particulate dry / cold storage rooms
  • Food and beverage production
  • Supplements and nutriceuticals
  • Partitioning of work environments for process isolations
  • Dry / cold storage rooms
  • Automated machinery enclosures
  • Particlate isolation for injection molding / 3D printing,
  • OEM assembly and production / rework tasks
  • Aerosol and powder containment
  • Non-harzarouds fume and aerosol containment

Softwall Cleanroom Limitations

Softwall cleanrooms may fall short in applications demanding precise control over environmental variables such as humidity, temperature, and air pressure. Their performance is significantly influenced by the ambient conditions of their locale, making them suboptimal for environments requiring stringent controls.

It is important to collect preliminary data about your local environment during the planning process. Specifically, it's helpful to know what the +- range is expected between day/night cycles, occupied versus unoccupied states, or seasonal cycles.

ISO 8 ValuLine Softwall Clean Rooms

Terra's softwall cleanroom kits feature standalone heavy-duty grade frames that can support any number of fan filter units without bowing or sagging.

ValuLine™ Pre-Fabricated Softwall Modular Cleanrooms ecnomize the creation of an ISO 7 / ISO 8 environments fir material testing, processing, packaging, and isolation of particle-sensitive equipment or components. These prefab cleanrooms encompass standard, preconfigured turnkey designs and support any number of fan filter units to meet your ISO requirement. All-steel powder-coated frames and ceiling grids enable a rigid, free-standing support structure. Optional casters allow easy repositioning to for equipment servicing or for isolating processes that generate significant particulate burdens.

Pictured above, this ValuLine™ softwall cleanroom features flexible dissipative softwall curtains and ceiling HEPA FFUs to meet ISO cleanliness standards. The powder-coated steel framing creates a rigid, free-standing structure.

Custom Softwall Cleanrooms

Terra's Custom Softwall Modular Cleanrooms offer an ISO-classified, partially enclosed space with ceiling mounted HEPA-filtered airflow. Interlocking 2.5-inch powder-coated steel frames feature corner gussets to ensure a solid and rigid structure for long-term use. Softwall panel configurations include heavy-duty, blur-free 40-mil static-dissipative vinyl, or strip shields made of 60-mil dissipative vinyl (standard in 8" (203 mm) widths, with 2" (51 mm) overlap to form a convenient entryway). Airflow exhausts through the gap along the bottom of the vinyl curtains to support ISO 7 / ISO 8 particulate requirements when room-to-room air pressure control is not critical.

Softwall Cleanrooms for IV Bag Preparation

Pictured above, this customized softwall cleanroom frame is used for IV Bag inspection. Customizable softwall cleanrooms allow for universal use in various environments and are available with 304 stainless steel frames to promote hygienic environments and facilitate cleaning.

ISO 8 Portable Softwall Enclosures

Terra's Softwall Particle Containment Rooms are a portable, 8' x 6' x 7' solution for containing high-particulate operations, or to protect sensitive equipment from nearby particulate-generating equipment and activities. Standard packages include a powder-coated steel frame, vinyl panel kit, four casters (two with locking brakes), and an analog pressure gauge with on/off controls.

  • Vinyl strip shields cover the entryway
  • Anti-static vinyl panels enclose the outer perimeter (4' widths on 6" overlap)
  • Base models include an analog pressure gauge and on/off controls
  • Optional controllers and monitors are available for data logging and acute environmental control of pressure, temperature, and RH

ISO 8 Laminar Flow Booths

Softwall CleanBooth™ Vertical Laminar Flow Stations render a mobile, versatile mini-cleanroom that protects sensitive materials or equipment from airborne particulates. Unlike many competitor offerings in the market, CleanBooth™ softwall enclosures offer hardware-free assembly, making them easy to install in under 15 minutes. Softwall CleanBooths are shipped in a knock-down kit, thus delivery is affordable and doesn't require any special equipment for intake.

ISO 8 Softwall Cleanroom Curtain Strips and Accessories

There are several softwall cleanroom options for escalating protection from pollutants including dual-lock, magnetic closures, or attachment clips for reinforced seam security. Other unique features include polypropylene panels for unused ceiling bays, separate switches for FFUs and lights, and optional polyurethane shields that are 12" wide and 40 mil-thick.

The incorporation of 60-mil static-dissipative vinyl strip shields, standardized at 8" widths and 2" overlap, fosters an accessible entryway, forming a soft-wall barrier against airborne contaminants.

For mobile and portable softwall configurations, mobility is augmented with optional heavy-duty casters.

Power control panels with night service mode tactically reduce FFU speed for a 25% slash in energy consumption.

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