Terra Universal is California's leading manufacturer in the design and fabrication of cleanrooms and controlled environments. Additionally, we provide a full suite of services to help you navigate complexities during the validation, certification, or qualification of a new facility build.

Terra Universal Clean Rooms | Fullerton, California

If you're looking for a cleanroom service provider in California, Terra Universal offers a single-stop solution for turn-key cleanroom design and construction. Regardless of size, scope, or complexity, no project is too big and no detail is too small.

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Modular and Custom Clean Rooms

Terra's modular enclosures and components provide a complete system of UL-listed products that are optimized to speed up installation, streamline permitting, and simplify final certification and validation. When starting from the ground up, Terra offers prefabricated modular cleanrooms, custom built designs, and a variety of specialty solutions in several formats:

Should your needs evolve, Terra's systems are designed for the seamless integration of enhancements such as additional filters, lighting, ionization, or expanded floor space. This modular approach ensures that upgrades and expansions can be implemented economically, avoiding the substantial costs often associated with modifications to traditional cleanroom systems.

California Cleanroom Design & Engineering Services

Terra Universal's cleanroom design expertise is demonstrated across 500 annual cleanroom builds, which accumulates to over 2,100 cleanrooms built in the last six years. This volume not only demonstrates unrivaled experience but also unwavering commitment in the final delivery of a high-quality cleanroom environment.

Robust Manufacturing Capabilities are the cornerstone of Terra's service offering. Combining high-throughput, automated fabrication equipment with a robust, active stock of raw materials, Terra is capable of producing cleanrooms of any design, size, scope, and complexity at industry-leading build times.

Deep Inventory and Raw Stock Sources: minimize production delays that cause manufacturing lag times. This aspect of Terra's operation is essential for maintaining a swift turnaround time for design and architecture deliverables, even when late-stage changes to the build scope occur.

Single Source Equipment Outfitting: As the leader in critical environment solutions, Terra also manufactures fan filter units, laminar flow hoods, desiccator cabinets, glove box isolators, pass-through chambers, and a broad array of cleanroom-compliant furniture, storage and gowning equipment.

Terra's Global Vendor Network: The Terra network includes over 20 global sales regions with a wide range of global shipping options, including door-to-door international delivery. Additionally, Terra’s network of over 80 major suppliers and vendors, our project management team coordinates with project stakeholders to ensure cost savings and timely delivery of value-add products from brands like Labconco, Thermo Fisher, Metro, Eagle, Biofit, Rubbermaid, Germfree and more.

Free Cleanroom Designer Tool: Terra's browser-based cleanroom designer app allows for custom cleanroom planning and design. This DIY tool enables users to design and conceptualize their cleanroom in a few easy steps, and immediately generates a quote for the assembled enclosure. Emphasizing collaboration and efficiency, users can share their cleanroom designs with peers and colleagues. This functionality simplifies feedback collection and consensus building while moving toward a final design.


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Seismic & Structural Analysis Services for Modular Cleanrooms in California

Terra's Cleanroom Seismic and Structural Analysis Service offers a definitive solution for seismic safety and assured structural integrity of Terra Modular Cleanrooms. This service includes detailed seismic and structural calculations, stamped by a licensed Professional Structural Engineer, encompassing both vertical (gravity) and lateral analysis. Terra emphasizes the importance of this PE-stamped documentation, particularly for clients in seismic zones, where such validation can significantly streamline the permitting and certification process.

When only a ceiling grid is purchased, Terra provides a focused vertical analysis. If the initial analysis suggests the need for additional seismic bracing – for instance, floor anchors not covered in the original cleanroom quotation – Terra will offer a separate quote for these recommended enhancements.

Clients should note that complex structures might incur surcharges due to their intricacies.

California Cleanrom Construction & Installation Services

Terra's Cleanroom Installation Services are tailored to meet the specific regulatory and structural demands of California's stringent building codes. Offering a spectrum of installation options including self-installation, Terra-assisted installation, and local contractor-led projects, The self-installation option is bolstered by direct factory support, which is ideal for teams with general technical skills. For more complex configurations, Terra's assisted installation provides the invaluable on-site presence of a senior installer to guide the client's team through every step, ensuring adherence to California's specific standards.

California Cleanroom Certification & Testing Services

Cleanroom validation requires comprehensive evaluations to ensure that controlled environments meet the intended requirements. Terra offers a broad spectrum of services and assessments to evaluate and certify key performance indicators:

Airflow Velocity/Volume: This test measures the speed and volume of air moving through the cleanroom, which is crucial for achieving ISO-class cleanroom certification. Proper airflow prevents turbulence that causes stagnation or eddies, and ensures uniform distribution of filtered air.

HEPA Filter Leak Test: High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are integral to cleanroom operation, trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns. This test checks for leaks or defects in the filter media and frame seal to ensure no unfiltered air enters the clean space.

Particle Counts: Particle counting is vital to verify that the cleanroom meets the particulate levels specified for its classification. Instruments measure the number and size of particles in the air, ensuring the cleanroom's environment does not compromise product or process integrity.

Room Pressurization: Maintaining positive pressure relative to adjoining spaces prevents ingress of contaminants. This test ensures the cleanroom is correctly pressurized, creating a barrier against pollutants.

Depending on the cleanroom's specific application, additional tests might be required, such as testing for microbial contamination, electrostatic discharge (ESD) levels, and chemical vapors. Other testing and certification services include:

  • Visual Airflow Characterization
  • Light Levels
  • Noise Levels
  • Temperature/Humidity
  • Vibration

Cleanrooms for California State Board of Pharmacy Compliance

Complying with state regulations is complicated, especially when holding multiple state licenses. Therefore, Terra partners with several pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting firms to provide extensive clinical, programmatic, and regulatory knowledge among an array of pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations, both nationally and abroad. Together, we help our clients confront and overcome challenges and obstacles to growth, positioning them for long-term regulatory and business success.

Specialty and Critical Application Design

Terra Universal specializes in designing and manufacturing cleanrooms for several critical applications including:

Explosion Proof Cleanroom Designs

Terra's explosion-proof cleanroom designs meet NEC requirements for Class I Division I hazardous locations. Other special application designs include insulated cleanrooms for strict temperature control, and negative pressure systems that allow active charcoal filtration and scrubbing of dirty air back into the environment.

Biological Safety Environments (BSL-2, BSL-3, BSL-4)

Specialized biocontainment cleanroom designs support BSL-2, BSL-2+, BSL-3, ABSL-3, and BSL-4 with modular construction.

Need Assistance with Cleanroom Construction, Outfitting, or Installation?

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