Terra Universal is a manufacturer and supplier of various cleanroom pass-through chambers and pass-through transfer windows that readily support healthcare, hospitals, and surgical environments.

Terra pass-through chambers and windows are available in three styles:

BioSafe Pass-Through Chambers support critical, ultra-hygienic applications. Terra’s BioSafe pass-through chambers and windows offer medical-grade 316L stainless steel construction to accommodate any ISO-rated, FDA, CGMP, USP, or EU requirements in hospitals, operating rooms, procedural rooms, surgical suites, or sterile environments. All-316L stainless steel surfaces with enhanced corrosion resistance stand up to harsher cleaning agents and withstand degradation from bleach-based disinfectants.

ValuLine™ Pass-Through Chambers are configurable with economical black acrylic, polypropylene, and 304 stainless steel to provide a design that is both cost-effective and robust. These designs are well suited for various hospital, laboratory, and pharmacy environments that require moderate environmental control.

Terra's Smart® Cleanroom Pass-Throughs are configurable to include electronic door interlocks, secured access, and hands-free door opening. Configure add-ons as needed to meet your specific cleanliness requirements including HEPA or ULPA filtration systems, UV decontamination lights, environmental monitoring, and Wi-Fi-ready data logging.

Understanding Terra Pass-Through Design Features

Terra pass-through systems include a proprietary clamping installation system that does not require drilling, sawing, or cutting into the finished wall. Installation is feasible in a matter of minutes, therefore ideal for hospitals, clinics, and prolonged care facilities that desire a clean, quiet, and non-intrusive installation. (5 Minute Install)

CleanMount™ Pass-Through Designs are synonymous with a flush mount installation that faces the cleanest side of a shared wall. Thus, the flush mount installed on the clean side of the passthrough facilitates easy sanitation on whichever side of the wall that hygienic outcomes are most critical. The CleanMount® mechanical interlock uses rigid stainless steel rods that run through the door and firmly lock into the lift latches.

CleanSeam™ Pass-Through Design features a classic passthrough design that extrudes 2 inches from the wall on the clean side. The single wall chamber does not conceal the internal chamber interlock mechanism, however, the seams are continuously welded to minimize cleaning burdens.

CleanMount® CleanSeam™ Pass-Through Design is a flush-mounted pass-through design that conceals the door interlock mechanism behind a double wall inside of the chamber. The chambers have obstruction-less interiors, lipless edges, radius corners, and continuous welds for pragmatic sanitation. The doors can easily be removed if the current door becomes damaged, requires replacement, or needs additional cleaning.

CleanMount Passthrough Chamber

CleanSeam Passthrough Chamber

Smart® Electronic Pass-Through Interlocks

Terra's Smart Passthrough with Electronic Door Interlocks incorporates LED status indicator lights to signal the operator when the door is open on the other side of the wall. The LED turns red and chimes to indicate that the interlocked is engaged while the chamber door is open on the opposing side. The green light indicates that the interlock is disengaged and the door is ready for access. This feature prevents the inner and outer doors from opening at the same time. Air transfer between rooms remains controlled and dirty air cannot readily transfer from the dirty side to the clean side.

The second advantage of smart interlocks is to prevent damage that occurs when the door latch is forcefully opened, or when two operators attempt to pull the handles on both sides of the pass-through at the same time. The LED light provides an obvious red or green indicator to inform the operator when the chamber is available for access, and also provides an indicator when the chamber door is slightly ajar and not fully closed.

BioSafe CleanMount CleanSeam Pass-Throughs

BioSafe® CleanMount® Pass-Through Chambers feature autoclave-safe doors for critical biological applications that demand strict sterilization protocols. These designs excel for USP 797 or USP 800 compounding pharmacies and other bio-pharma applications.

Smart® Slide-Up Door Pass-Throughs

Slide-Up Pass-Throughs include all of the features of a standard Smart® Pass-through in addition to counterweighted doors that slide up and down for easy cleaning and decontamination.

Smart® Refrigerated Pass-Through Chambers

Terra Refrigerated Pass-Through Chambers feature a 1050 BTU closed-loop refrigeration module that maintains temperatures as low as 41°F. The integrated temperature controller automatically maintains the set-point programmed by the user.

Smart® UVC Decontamination Pass-Throughs

Terra's UV Sanitizing Modules for Smart® Passthroughs are a popular choice for medical offices, laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, and aseptic environments. The integrated UVC modules rapidly disinfect the outer surfaces of objects placed in the chamber. UVC light is able to eliminate 99.99%+ of common bacteria and viruses within 2 minutes. UV decontamination lighting is especially effective for repeatedly used tools, instruments, and electronic devices that might otherwise be damaged by liquid cleaners including bedside remotes, jewelry, masks, stethoscopes, cell phones, tablets, documents, containers, and pre-packaged single-use items.

Terra's UV-C light passthrough modules are a relatively inexpensive solution for labs and medical facilities where common-sense approaches to cleaning are less practical.

These systems work passively with little maintenance, yet provide a high degree of microbial kill or deactivation among a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. Peer-reviewed studies confirm that automated UV-C-emitting lights can render logarithmic reductions in colony-forming units (CFUs), thereby substantially decreasing the bioburden of pathogens in healthcare settings such as coronaviruses, VRE, C. difficile, and Acinetobacter spp. It should be noted that UV-C may not be appropriate when dealing with the most resilient spore-forming microbes, bio-films, organic residues, and contamination that extends beyond the surface layer into cracks and crevices that UV-C light cannot penetrate.

UV-C Pass-Throughs for Sterile Processing Stations

UV-C pass-through chamber modules are excellent support systems for sterile processing and surgical instrument cleaning environments, especially when packaging and handling terminally sterilized objects or surgical tools.

Terra's Smart Passthroughs with UVC lighting add-ons can offer redundant protection for virtually any hospital or surgical center with a Central Sterilization and Processing department. Moreover, UV-C pass-throughs reduce instances of cross-contamination in locations where sterile pre-packaged objects or medications are passed from general areas into sanitary surgical, gynecological, or orthopedic environments.

An environment is only as clean as its dirtiest item. Thus, UVC passthrough lighting provides a quick and easy method to decontaminate everyday items in the sterile processing ecosystem. Particularly, for items that would not be appropriate for heat or chemical decontamination such as clipboards, documents, packaging, laminated items, pens, eyewear, PPE, and more.

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HEPA and ULPA Filtration Pass-Throughs For USP Compliant and Sterile Conditions

Optional HEPA/ULPA filtration and air shower pass-throughs are programable for continuous use with adjustable airflow and pressure control for ISO 5 cleanroom applications to protect transferred material from particle contamination.

Closed Loop HEPA Pass-Throughs for Medical Offices, Pharmacies, and Labs

Internally Recirculated Pass-Through HEPA Filtration (Closed Loop)

Recirculated HEPA pass-through chambers use a closed-loop system to continuously remove dirty air in the chamber and reintroduce clean HEPA filtered air. The HEPA filter runs continuously so that each time the chamber is opened, the air in the chamber has already undergone multiple filtration cycles to remove airborne contamination.

Terra Closed Loop HEPA Pass-Through Advantages

These clean air pass-through chambers are self-contained and do not require any ventilation or exhaust ducting. The advantage of a closed-loop HEPA filter is that the system filters and reintroduces clean air to-and-from the immediate environment, thus the system does not impact pressure balance or air change rates in adjacent rooms.

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Pass-Through Convenience and Transfer Windows for Hospitals and Healthcare

Pass-Through Swing Door Convenience Windows feature self-closing 316L stainless steel hinges that help both hold open and tightly the close doors, plus eliminate corrosion, flaking, and contamination that commonly occurs with ordinary chrome-plated hinges

Polypropylene Horizontal Sliding Convenience Windows feature a polypropylene frame and shelf, a 3/4" sliding glass door, and 316L stainless steel hinges/handles.

Vertical Sliding Pass-Through Convenience Windows feature cleanroom-grade materials that are smooth, durable, and easy to clean. Vertical sliding-door convenience windows feature stainless steel frames and are designed for installation among standard 4'-thick walls. The doors use a counter-weighted system of industrial steel cable with weights and pulleys for smooth, safe, and reliable operation. The counter-weighted system holds the door up so it won’t accidentally fall while materials are being transferred. These transfer windows are ideal where strict environmental control is not required such as in medical offices, general laboratories, hospitals, and manufacturing operations.

Transaction Windows are well suited for patient service windows where currency, documents, and other items are exchanged. Frames are made of 304 stainless steel for durability and cleanliness with secure ½-inch tempered glass or 1-inch thick acrylic for impact resistance and security. If specified by the customer, Terra can also provide the appropriate window thickness for bullet-proof applications.

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