Manufacturing Low-Cost Solutions for High Technology

Modular Cleanrooms

Hardwall, softwall and all steel BioSafe® designs for ISO 4 - 8 (Class 10 - 100,000) cleanroom performance


Interlocked transfer hatches prevent cross contamination of cleanroom during parts transfer

Cleanroom & Gowning
Room Equipment

Cleanroom mirrors, step stools, ladders, gowning benches, garments, storage cabinets & dispensers

(Dry Boxes)

Clean, dry, static-safe storage of semiconductors, medical devices & other sensitive parts

Glove Boxes

Steel & plastic glove box isolators and containment chambers control RH, particles, static, O2, temperature

Fan/Filter Units (FFUs)

FFU lines include room-side replaceable, explosion-proof and low-energy DC models, all in stock!

Laminar Flow &
Laboratory Hoods

Laminar flow clean benches, ductless exhaust hoods, biosafety cabinets & laboratory fume hoods

Environmental &
Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum chambers in plastic, steel or aluminum; environmental chambers for stable temperature & humidity


Tables & workstations for ISO 4 - 8 (Class 10 - 100,000) cleanrooms & labs; vibration and static control

Laboratory Chairs

Cleanliness ratings to ISO 5 (Class 100), with ESD-static features; many materials & ergonomic features

Cleanroom Air Showers

Self-contained Air Showers & Tunnels reduce cross contamination as personnel enter a cleanroom

Cleanroom Dispensers

Organize and dispense gloves, wipers, safety glasses, garments and other lab and cleanroom accessories!

Blow-Off Gun

Static neutralizers remove surface charges to prevent ESD & eliminate particle attraction

Nitrogen Generators

Reliable dry nitrogen source frees you from canisters! Multiple sizes with storage tanks for uninterrupted N2 supply

Wet Processing & Cleaning

Modular wet processing stations in polypropylene and stainless steel, with etchers, baths & other components

Designing, building and equipping critical environments since 1976
A Certified-Cleanroom Manufacturer

Terra is the leading manufacturing expert in critical environment applications, with over 30 years of design and fabrication experience in cleanroom and laboratory environments.

In addition to standard manufactured products, Terra customizes to unique requirements. Installation and certification services for modular cleanrooms and glove box isolators are also available. More about Terra's design and manufacturing capabilities.

Contact us to discuss your critical environment challenges.

A Comprehensive Cleanroom and Laboratory Equipment Source

Working with industry-leading suppliers, Terra offers a complete range of equipment, furnishings and supplies, combining top quality, technical assistance and competitive prices on —

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Specialty Plastics Meet Critical Requirements

High-performance plastics line now includes acrylic, polypropylene, polycarbonate and PVC in fire-resistant and static-dissipative formulations. Available for use in standard Terra products or by the single sheet.

Resources for Architects, Builders, Contractors

Including digital CAD files of pass-through chambers in PDF and DWG formats.

QuickQuotes Make it Easy

Interactive QuickQuote forms let you configure a system and request a quotation online for—

BioSafe®: Uncompromising Designs for Aseptic Environments

Terra's unique BioSafe® products are designed for critical bio/pharmaceutical applications. Seamless, 304/316 stainless steel designs for pass-through chambers, clean rooms, and glove boxes.

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