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Series 100 Options

Detachable Bottom
This feature allows the glove box to be detached from its bottom and lifted for easy placement over large equipment. The bottom attaches and seals to the glove box by means of dual-gasketed latches located along the base.

Dryex™ Gas Dryer
Removes moisture and particulates from compressed air feed.

Nitrogen Generator
Semiporous micromembrane technology yields 99.9% pure nitrogen to ensure an economical, reliable, uninterrupted gas source

Tilt-Up Viewing Window
Swings open for easy access. Dual piston mechanisms hold the window securely open. Price includes modification of Series 100 glove box to include hinged viewing window. Must be ordered together with affected glove box.

Swing-Up Front Access Panel
Allows convenient introduction of large parts into the processing chamber. Cutout size: 20"W x 10"H (other sizes available; specify when ordering). Must be ordered together with affected glove box (Series 100 or 200).

Bellows Eyepiece Interface
This cutout is sealed with a bellow-type diaphragm to allow viewing of a stereo microscope positioned inside any of Terra's stainless steel glove boxes. Standard cutout size is 8"W x 6"H. Specify desired location or custom size when ordering.

Pic to Come Stainless Steel Glove Ports
These 8.5" ports can be retrofitted onto any existing glove box (requires 8.5"-diameter cut-outs). Price includes gasket, mounting hardware and one >port.

Glove Box Dual Purge™ System
Provides variable-flow purge control to save nitrogen expenses.

Automatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) Valve
Safeguards glove box against overpressures. Required for operation with Dual Purge System.

Filtration Modules
These modules allow continuous recirculation of process gas through a HEPA or ULPA filter to remove particles, aerosols, microbes, chemical powders, and other fine contaminants. A variety of open/closed-loop configurations allow 100% exhaust, 100% recirculation, or a mixture of filtered and fresh make-up air.

Universal Filter/Blower
This positive pressure system, designed for use on Series 100 Glove Boxes, directs a flow of particle-free air into the glove box. Select HEPA or ULPA filter. Note: Gloves must be removed to allow air to escape the enclosure.
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