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  1. The Complete History of the Glovebox

    The Complete History of the Glovebox

    What Is a Glove Box?

    Sometimes a controlled environment becomes a necessity during the performance of experiments or the handling of certain materials. When this happens, a special device, called an isolation glove box, allows researchers to perform their tasks with materials kept in strict isolation. The positive-pressure box shields materials from damaging environmental elements such as moisture.

    But what exactly is a glove box? As its name suggests, it is a sealed box manufactured using materials such as acrylic, static-dissipative PVC or stainless steel that includes two or more gloves, used to handle the contents within. While there are several types of glove boxes, the basic premise behind them all is the same…to give the user the ability to handle substances or objects without breaking strict isolation protocols.

    The two main types of glove boxes are “Isolation” and “containment.” The difference depends

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  2. The Benefits to Using an Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser & Remover

    The Benefits to Using an Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser & Remover

    The Kinetic Butler Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser and Bootie Butler Shoe Cover Remover System offers the perfect alternative to the manual application and removal of shoe covers within a work environment. In a single motion, the Kinetic Butler automatically places a shoe cover over each shoe with hands-free convenience. The Bootie Butler automatically removes used shoe covers in a matter of seconds, saving time and keeping workers safe from any contaminants.

    Both systems work perfectly together and are ideal for cleanroom environments and facilities that require a high level of cleanliness. Working together, both systems help increase

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